We’re a strong team of close-knit creatives, inventors, experimenters, risk-takers, rule-breakers, number-crunchers, designers and storytellers whose skills are matched only by our dedication to helping businesses grow. We are fueled by our creative hunches!

Our Story

Belles-creative-baby-mandiiFrom learning to crawl on the floor of her father’s marketing agency, to owning her own – sometimes what you’re meant to do was right in front of you all along. However, the journey isn’t always an easy one, and for Mandii Green, it was a 10-year dream in the making. After an amazing mentorship after college, she worked for several top consumer brands, did some traveling abroad and made a couple of big moves, before finally taking her talents to the Queen City. In the quiet setting of a local coffee shop, she joined forces with two other marketing professionals and the rest seemed to fall into place – Belles Creative was born.


Belles-creative-marketing-videoWe find unique ways to market your brand, but more importantly to make it memorable. It’s how we organize your story that truly sets you apart. We make it easy for people to find what they need about your brand, what you want them to see, and to get in touch. It’s all about combining information with psychology to create the best experience for the user. Great architecture creates a logical flow of information, making the complex simple and the hard to find accessible. In short, we create order out of chaos. And we treat your business as if it’s our own.


Belles-crative-walkingWe encourage our clients to outsmart the competition rather than outspend them. Our hard work put us on the map, and our commitment to innovation allows us to create affordable marketing campaigns perfectly tailored to fit your needs. We understand creativity, but more importantly we understand it’s about your return on investment and the success of you and your business. We strive to put a high level of energy into everything we touch. We don’t stay behind the computer, we become a part your team and we are your biggest cheerleaders in the community constantly striving to promote your business. 

We Believe


  • That great design is the glue that holds it all together.
  • That your brand’s story paints a unique picture.
  • Fresh flowers make every office better.
  • In getting stuff done. Not just thinking, but doing!
  • In seeing problems as potential, rather than roadblocks.
  • That creativity is contagious.
  • That everyone should be allowed to bring their dog to work.

Millennial Marketing

We are Millennials who know how to market to our peers, making this sector our specialty. Millennials are a massive population size of 76.6 million, surpassing the Baby Boomers. It’s happened – they are the new buying market. Yes, it’s true that Millennials take more selfies than other generations, labeling us the “selfie generation.” However, this seems to miss the mark, especially as it relates to Millennials’ attitudes around identity and lifestyle. Millennials grew up in a world inundated with advertising chatter and endless choice. For this reason, the Belles use three key strategies. First, we understand the values – passion, discovery, fulfillment (i.e. doing what you love). Millennials care about the heart beat of brand, the back story, the drive. Second, we understand the lifestyle experience. And lastly, we understand that marketing to Millennials is about informing and empowering them.